Sunday, 29 July 2012

Urban Decay Preen Eyeshadow Palette Review

So a few posts back I did a look with this palette.
I decided to do a post on it because I love this palette so much. I use it for both day time AND night time looks. I just deepen up the colours.

So in the palette you get 6 colours: Snatch, Mildew, Flash, Painkiller, Smog and Toasted, A mini 24/7 liner in Zero and a mini eyeshadow primer potion. I always love the packaging for Urban Decay palettes, some people might think its tacky or gaudy but Im Miss Tacky herself. I LOVE IT.

So for the colours, I understand they wanted to keep within the peacock theme and add in the brighter colours but honestly, I rarely use them (especially the obnoxious in your face blue colour). Ive never used the blue or the green and I think I used the purple once just to see what it looked like.
(I didnt have time to swatch the colours myself so I just googled them.)

Snatch: Im kind of on the fence about this colour, It is a pretty colour but theres like huge chunks of glitter in it that I just do not like. Id prefer if there was no glitter. I rarely use this colour unless I'm going out, usually I'll just use a champagne colour from an essence palette I have.

Mildew: This is probably the most wearable of the 3 brighter colours, I think it would look pretty in the very outer corner or as a liner on the lower lash line to give a pop of colour.

Flash: I dont know if I'd wear this on my lid, I do wear purples but usually it would be a darker purple. Again, I do think this would look good as a pop of  colour on the lower lash line.

Painkiller: To be honest, In my opinion the only use for this would again be on the lower lash line.

Smog: I love this colour to deepen up a neutral eye! It doesnt really show in pictures but when I look at it in the palette or swatch it in person I do think theres a hint of a very dark green in it.

Toasted: This is such a nice colour in the crease. Its quite shimmery but its not a glittery shimmer or an over powering shimmer.

Zero 24/7 Liner: I absolutely loved this liner! It came out so creamy and dark and was just amazing, unfortunately I used it all up. Id definitely recommend them if you have somewhere near you to buy them! Im going to have to wait until I can get up to Dublin to pick up another!

Overall this is a good palette, I love the brown colours and the other colours are lovely if you are into colourful shadows. I personally am not, but regardless of that, I still love this palette. The other colours are handy to have if you want to experiment I guess!

Emma x


  1. looks like a great palette

  2. I love it, i cant wait to try some more urban decay palettes!



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