Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dermalogica Skin Kit: Dry Review

Dermalogica is my go to brand for skin products. I have quite dry skin and occasionally get red dry patches on my face, usually caused by certain products that just dont agree with my skin. Dermalogica is the only brand that i find truly works on my skin. Ive tried a few of their products during facials and definitely felt a difference. Because the products are quite expensive full sized I decided to try a Skin Kit. After trying it for a while heres my thoughts..

The Dermalogica skins kits are kits of 5 travel sized products. There are a few different types of kits (Very Dry, Dry, Oily, Sensitive and so on). I originally wanted to try the very dry kit but the website I bought off of didnt have it in stock so I chose Dry. In my kit there was..
Essential Cleansing Solution
Multi-Active Toner
Intensive Moisture Balance
Gentle Cream Exfoliant
Intensive Eye Repair

So ill go quickly through each product and tell you what I thought of them and whether I'd buy a full size.

Essential Cleansing Solution: I loved this cleanser! It was so easy to use. Im not a huge fan of 'rub it all over your face and rinse with water' cleansers, im more of a 'squeeze it on some cotton pads' kinda girl and with this cleanser you can use it both ways! My skin felt sooo clean and soft after it. Id definitely buy the full size!

Multi-Active Toner: Again I am obsessed with this toner! It has a handy sprayer on top so you can quickly spritz it on your face without having to pour it onto cotton like other products and end up feeling like you're wasting it. Also, It didnt leave my face feeling tight or dry afterwards! Woohoo! Id definitely buy this full sized also!

Intensive Moisture Balance: If you have dry skin this is the perfect moisturiser! Id put this on at night and go to bed and in the morning my skin would feel soooo soft I couldnt keep my hands off it! (ew that is NOT hygenic!) I only used a tiny pea sized amount in the morning before my makeup but it spread so easily and it didnt feel greasy. Yes yes yes to buying this full sized!

Gentle Cream Exfoliant: Im a bit on the fence about this to be honest. This was the product I was most excited about getting my hands on. It was the main reason I chose this skin kit. To use this, you apply it to your face like a mask and leave for about 10 minutes. Unlike abrasive exfoliants it has chemicals that break down the dry skin. Think of it as little Pac-Men eating away at the dry skin! Because its not abrasive its good for those with senstive skin as youre not rubbing particles on the skin. Yes, it made my skin feel a little softer after using it but it is a little awkward how you have to leave it for 10 minutes. Im a very impatient person and I do not like waiting but if you have the time to wait around then I'm sure you'd like this product! I dont think ill be buying the full size.

Intensive Eye Repair: I really didnt notice any difference after using this product. I will continue to use it until the sample size is empty but I dont think I'll be buying a full size!

So overall I definitely give this kit a thumbs up! Its so handy if you are thinking of buying Dermalogica products but want to try a few first before you fork out for the full size. This kit is only around €25.00 which is really good value for the amount of products and the size. You really only need a tiny amount of each so they do last a long time!

If you've tried/are using Dermalogica products then let me know what you think of them, id be really interesting in what others think of them because im such a fan and I'm always talking the company up to my friends and family!

Emma x


  1. ive heard such good things about dermalogica, im definitely going to give them a go! followwing :)
    emma xo

  2. You definitely should! They have a really good range especially if you have problem skin and want to do something about it like me :) X

  3. hey emma which other country apart from ireland can i get the product? I think it would be a great idea if i try it out...thanks xoxo

    1. Hi there, if you go the dermalogica website and go down to the very bottom of the page you'll see 'Dermalogica Worldwide' and a few different country options, those will take you to the official dermalogica website for those specific countries. From there you can go to store locator to find a store near you. Im not sure if the USA Dermalogica website does international shipping but you could try?



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