Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Primark/Penneys Come Clean Mitt - *REVIEW*

I had some time to kill on my lunch break today so like most days I hit up Penneys for a little look. I did have to pick up another bottle of my favourite Garnier Miccellar Water (the pink one FYI) so that was my excuse for going in (like I needed one!!!).

When I spotted the 'Come Clean Mitt' with 3 in a pack for €3, I immediately threw it in my basket. I'd seen it mentioned previously on Facebook in a 'coming soon' style post. Years ago when I was reaaaaallly into blogging I was sent a Cleanse Off Mitt when they were first released and I loved that thing with all my heart, until I threw it in the wash basket one day and it was never seen again!!

Well let me tell you this Come Clean Mitt is a complete and utter disappointment.
I thought it would be great to keep in the shower to remove my makeup easily without needing to clutter up the shower with cleansers. NOPE. While it removed my face makeup relatively ok it was no match for mascara or eyeliner. Unlike the Cleanse Off Mitt - which removed EVERYTHING - it left me with some beautiful black marks all over my face. 

Now you might say Ah Emma get over it you can use a cleanser to remove your eye makeup, but see that just defeats the purpose for me. If I have to remove my eye makeup with cleanser I may as well just remove all my makeup with cleanser, it would be faster and I also wouldn't have to clean anything afterwards just chuck the cotton! 

In a nutshell,  save your €3. 

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