Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Embracing New Trends - Gingham

Ok, so I'm not really one for following new fashion trends as tbh - I'm probably going to be shot for this - a lot of the time I find them to be actually extremely ugly. Yes I said it. Now of course this is only MY opinion and I know a lot of people love certain trends that come out. I wish I did, but the majority of the time I hate them. 

For instance the gingham trend, now don't get me wrong I actually do love the pattern but I find that a lot of the time the actual clothing the pattern comes on is horrendous, in particular the shape and the fit. Some of them are just not flattering on anyone (again my opinion). I don't find them to be suitable for every day wear. So I decided to scout out some more wearable clothing that still fall in line with this trend. 
New Look is always the site I go to when purchasing clothing that is currently 'in' and that may not be in in a few months as it isn't too expensive and doesn't really matter if you only get a few wears out of it!
So with less of the blabbering here are my favourites!

We'll start off easy, a simple scarf if the perfect way to nod to a trend without going too over board!

I love love love love love this top! The Bardot neckline is also another trend at the minute and compliments the pattern perfectly!

This top that would be fab for a night on the tiles with a pair of black skinnies and heels. I love a 'stand out' top with a pair of jeans and heels on a night out! 

How absolutely gorgeous is this skirt!! I think this would be fab in the winter with a black long sleeve  jumper tucked in with tights. The tie detail on the front really adds a little uniqueness to it!

Payday cannot come fast enough because some of these are definitely going straight in my basket!!
Are you a fan of the gingham trend?? 

EF xo

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