Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Current Holy Grail Beauty Products

I'm a self confessed beauty product hoarder. I will literally try ANYTHING if I see even so much as one person raving about it. I'm constantly on the quest for a perfect product so I thought I would share with you all the products I currently consider my holy grail items. The products I repurchase and rave to everyone about! 

 This is closely followed by the L'oreal Micellar Water but I always get the Garnier version purely because its a larger bottle for a cheaper price. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A BARGAIN. I love their mini version also, its so handy to throw in a bag for travelling or staying at a friends house! It removes every trace of makeup in a matter of minutes without too much vigorous rubbing.

I have super irritable skin, one wrong product and my face breaks out into hideous red itchy patches. So I've always struggled to find a good makeup primer that doesn't irritate my skin. I've found that the silicone textured primers tend to irritate my skin the most. I picked up the MAC Prep & Prime Skin a few years ago on a whim while I was in Brown Thomas with my Mam and I haven't looked back. In those few years I've tried other primers (most recently the Laura Mercier Radiance primer which I sooooo wanted to love - review coming soon!) also but always came back to this one!

Like I said above I have very irritable skin, I suffer with very bad dry patches on my face. I've always struggled with keeping them at bay. I actually received a sample of the La Roche Posay Cicaplast hand cream a while ago and loved the thickness and how moisturised my hands felt after using it that I went to the chemist to see if they had a face version (weird I know) but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did, I tried it and oh my good god, I cannot describe how amazing it is. Instantly my skin felt smoother and within a few days of using it all of my dry patches were gone, my makeup applied smoother and no more flaky skin! 

This is the business when it comes to highlighting. How did I live this long without it?! I only bought this about a month ago and I'm already obsessed. Seriously I look like a freakin' radiant fairy princess when I wear this.

Dry shampoo will forever be my best friend. I don't know who invented it but they need to be knighted or declared a saint or something. I have the oilest hair EVER. Not even being dramatic right now, oil just pours from my scalp. I could wash my hair tonight and by tomorrow afternoon it looks greasy. I refuse to wash it everyday, that just makes the problem worse, so I live for dry shampoo! I've tried a few versions, but always go back to Batiste, its the one that works for me and is the Bees Knees! I actually decided to be adventurous and fork out a small fortune on the Aussie one a few months ago, after 2 uses the spray top on it stopped working and all that sprayed out was liquid, I ended up throwing out the full can.

So that's my holy grail list, I do have a few products I picked up today in Boots to try out (their 3 for 2 sucked me in!) so hopefully fingers crossed one or two of those could be a HG product??

Until next time, EF xo

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