Monday, 9 November 2015

Spray On Nail Polish??? Nails Inc The Paint Can

Before becoming a nail technician I remember the struggle of painting my nails. Polish everywhere, the shaky hand, realising I now have to paint the opposite hand, NIGHTMARE.
Fast forward a few years and technology has finally come through for us ladies in the form of Nail Inc's The Paint Can. Its nail polish, in a can. OH MY GOD WHY DID I NOT INVENT THIS MYSELF.
The idea is that you apply the clear base coat to your nails, then you spray the can all over your nails, fingers, anywhere you want really, it doesn't matter about the mess! 
Then you wash your hands to remove the spray from your skin, I'm assuming you wait for the polish to dry first on your nails! And VOILA! Perfectly painted nails!

Unfortunately its only available in 2 colours at the mo' - a hot pink and a silver but knowing Nails Inc and the sales this product will bring, I can see a whole line of colours in the near future!

If you're interested in this god sent gift you can preorder it here
What do you think of the launch???

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