Monday, 8 June 2015

Zerreau Towel Off Dry Shampoo Foam - Holy Grail or Holy Fail???

So when I saw the Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam in May's glossybox I couldn't wait to try it.
All you do is massage the foam into your roots and then towel dry your hair and you're supposedly left with hair that looks freshly washed...
I was not.
So when I tried it my hair wasn't actually too greasy. It just needed a bit of a freshening up as I'd had it tied up the day before and wanted to curl it. After towel drying vigorously my hair still looked and felt wet and to be honest a bit greasy but I put it down to it being wet. On the directions it says towel dry and style as normal. So I assumed I could blast it with the hairdryer. 
BAD IDEA. After drying it it just looked 10x more greasy than before I started!! My hair was stuck to my head and I could have fried an egg on it. It looked worse than before I used it and I wished I hadn't tried it. I ended up having to spray the crap out of it with dry shampoo because I didn't have time to wash my hair. 
I'm so disappointed because I really wanted this to work! It would have been sooo handy. I decided to look up a few reviews and a few people have said the same about it looking greasier.

Definitely a Holy Fail. 

If you've used it before and found it effective pleeaaasseee let me know what you did differently because I really do want it to work!

E xo

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  1. It worked for me, except I couldn't seem to get one particular spot right on the back of my head, but i think that's down to me being rubbish! I towel dried until it was just about damp, then blasted with the hairdryer. I'm going to try it one more time before using it for actually going anywhere, but I was amazed by it. It felt fresher than normal dry shampoo too.


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