Monday, 9 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butter Wild Watermelon*

A while ago I reviewed my very first Revlon Lip Butter, In that post I mentioned I wanted to try some of the other colours, someone in the comments mentioned Wild Watermelon. I'd been meaning to pick it up so when my friend gave me a few beauty related goodies for my birthday I was delighted to see the Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon* was included.
I am OBSESSED. Seriously oh my freakin god I love these things!
I have such dry lips so a lot of lipsticks end up going flaky looking on me.

The packaging is amazing, I love that the outside colour relates to the shade inside. I think the quilted effect is unusual to lipsticks which I love.

It's the perfect red shade. Not too bright, not too sheer. Its basically the perfect day wear red shade. Unlike other red lipsticks I don't worry that it's gonna end up all over my face.
The texture is unlike any other lipstick I've used. It feels more like a lip balm. Its not drying and feels very moisturising. There's no need to apply a lip gloss over the top (yaaay, you all should know by now that I HATE lip gloss).

Overall, I want them all.

Emma xo

P.S please do suggest some more shades for me to try!


  1. Such a lovely shade! Looks so pretty on you!

    Lydia Rose

  2. My favorite every day shade is Sugar Plum. I also picked up Red Velvet (I think that's the name) in preparation for the upcoming holidays!
    Wild Watermelon looks great on you!

  3. Thanks Sandra :D
    Ooooh I'll have to look up those shades or swatch them next time I'm at the stand, thanks for the recommendations!

  4. This is such a pretty colour on your lips! I love the Raspberry Pie version of these x

  5. :) wow that color looks amazing! I don't own any of them, but after reading this post I definitely want to go pick one up!

  6. Thanks Anya :D Oooh I'll have to swatch that at the stand! x


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