Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Garnier Moisture Match - Start Afresh Normal to Dry Skin Review

The only moisturiser I've ever used and felt made a difference to my skin was the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, eventually it ran out and I didn't fancy spending that amount again so I decided to see what the drugstore had to offer, deciding that if I didn't like anything I could always just repurchase my Dermalogica.
I decided to pick up the Garnier Moisture Match for 'Normal to Dry Skin' as it was on sale in Sam McCauleys Chemist.
I would have relatively dry skin but didn't want anything too thick for everyday use. 

There are 5 types to choose from
Goodbye Dry (dry to very dry skin)
Start Afresh (normal to dry skin)
Shine Be Gone (combination to oily skin)
Wake Me Up (dull skin)
Protect & Glow (normal skin)

So, what did I think of the Start Afresh moisturiser?

I actually really like the packaging. The size is perfect to fit into my makeup bag or handbag. I much prefer a squeezy tube over a tub as its more hygenic.

The texture is quite odd, its like a mixture between a gel and a cream. It looks and spreads like a cream on the skin but it feels cooling, refreshing and just amazing when applying it. It also soaks in really fast.
My skin feels instantly hydrated and when combined with regular exfoliation my skin stays super smooth. 
I really really like this moisturiser! 

I will more than likely be repurchasing this again as I really do love it! I might also pick up the one for 'Goodbye Dry' to use at night for extra hydration or maybe the 'Wake Me Up' for dull skin days. They're cheap enough to be able to afford two!

You can shop the entire range on here for €7.99
or on here for €8.99

Have you tried any of the moisture match moisturisers?

Emma xo

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  1. Sounds like it's great, I only tried garnier products once and got a bad impression of it... But maybe some other series work better =)
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