Sunday, 22 September 2013

A/W '13 Fashion Wishlist

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Of course I had to include a heap of sweaters!
A/W is not the same without a onesie. Yes you look like a giant baby but who cares. They're fun. I really want this Stitch one! The eBay seller has tons of different animal type ones!
I am in love with these Nike runners! Of course I would pick the pink ones!
I've actually already bought the new look black wedges but decided to include them anyway because I love them so much!
I've always loved the look of these cuffs and only recently bought my first from eBay, now I'm lusting after this one!
And finally I had to include a scarf, A/W in Ireland is not complete without a scarf! I love the colour of this one from Boohoo.

I'm sure there are plenty more items I'd like for autumn/winter but these are the items I've saved to my WantWorthy account (seriously if you haven't tried this website its amazing).
Wantworthy is perfect for saving any items you spot on a website to go back and get later. Its really easy, you make an account, install the button on your toolbar (it tells you how to do this) then everytime you click on an item on a shopping site that you want, you simply press the WANT button on your toolbar and it saves the item to your wantworth account. When you log in the photos of all the items you want comes up and you can click on them to take you to the exact website page to buy them! Easy. 

So thats my A/W wishlist! If you have a post like this please share it in the comments because I'm sure I'll want half the stuff on yours too!

Emma xo

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