Saturday, 6 June 2015


So last week I ordered my first Glossybox. I've always wanted to try Glossybox but to be honest I couldn't justify the €20 odd euro for a glorified lucky dip of beauty samples (with the exception of a few full sized products). BUT since I had a discount code I decided to take the plunge and subscribe for my first box. I won't say how excited I was because to be frank its embarrassing.
It finally came yesterday and even though its now June I just had to open my big gob and tell you all what I thought as if I'm important and my opinion matters to you. 

So here it is in all its prettyness and glor-i-ness (yes I'm aware that it's probably not a word)

The first product I pulled out was the MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand. Basically a double sided eyeliner. Now, I'm not going to bore you with all the sales information that comes on the info leaflet with the box, if you want to know the details y'all can google that shiiiiit.
What I will say is I'm not a happy camper. The colours are a bit much for me. Although in fairness in my beauty survey online (they have you answer some Qs so they can pick products to suit you) I did say I was open to colour which is an absolute LIE AND A HALF. I felt like being adventurous on that particular day and now I regret that rebel decision because I KNOW, no matter how much I try to convince myself I'll use it one day, those colours will never set foot on my eyes.

The next item up is a Philosophy item, I've heard such good things about this brand so I was delighted to see them in the box! This is the 'renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer' my god that's a title. Imagine trying to recommend that to a friend! This product is supposedly 'endorsed by everyone from celebrities to top dermatologists'  oooh la la. It reduces the appearance of lines, discolouration and uneven texture.  I'm excited to try this anything that makes my face look better is fine by me! 

OH. MY. GOD. This item made me wish I had done some sort of unboxing video because my face when I realised what this was for was HILARIOUS. The SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate..
So its basically a moisturiser.. an intimate moisturiser.. for your lady area. 

Yes I'm serious..

No really, its a real thing...

I thnk the fact it said intimate should have made me realise. Its main selling point is it is 'the perfect treat for your skin post shave or wax'. 
'SASS concentrate soothes the skin and reduces hair growth; while exfoliating ingredients including salicylic acid and fruit enzymes delicately exfoliate to ensure ingrown hairs are a thing of the past'. I still feel super uncomfortable with the thoughts of any kind of cream with chemicals or salicylic ACID. 
BUT I'm willing to give anything a try...WATCH THIS SPACE.

Now this is the most interesting product to me and one I'm super happy to see. This, ladies, is the Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam. Its basically dry shampoo but supposedly better. So what you do, is apply the foam to your scalp, massage it in to lift the dirt and grease and immediately remove the foam by towel drying your hair. Then you style as normal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE dry shampoo its my life. I have very oily hair, I could wash it tonight and by dinner time tomorrow it will look greasy. Gross. I hate washing it every day because it just makes the problem worse and is not good for your hair. But I find dry shampoo can leave a residue sometimes no matter how much you rub or brush it out. 
I can't wait to try this out tomorrow!!

Another product I'm a bit meeeh about. God I really am a debby downer. I'll probably use it but I'm not like jumping up and down excited to try it. This is the Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel. To be honest, I feel like this whole box was moisturisers. YAWN.
Anyway this gel is basically just a cooling aloe vera moisturiser. Nothing too exciting and I already have a giant bottle of Aloe Vera gel in my fridge so..yeah. I'll try it and if its worth writing about I will, If not it'll be shoved at the back of the drawer with the other thousand average moisturisers.

So that was my first glossybox. To be completely straight, I don't even know if I'll continue my subscription. For my first box this was a complete let down, I'd have rathered put the €20 towards something else rather than a box of vag cream, aloe vera and a hideous eyeliner. But, LIFE GOES ON. 

Until next time!
E xo

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