Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ready To Wear New York Lipgloss - 'Bare Pink' Review

This is quite possibly the most amazing lipgloss I've ever had. Its not sticky, thick, gloopy or greasy. It feels moisturising on my lips and I dont get that dry lips feeling I get after it wears off like other lipglosses I've used.

''these formulas enhance and compliment your lips.
While the high percentage of shiny polymers gives it a lurex or plastic shine, these formulas also contain bilberry seed oil and arctic cloudberry seed oil along with other fine ingredients and help hydrate lips. Results in beautiful lips with a bright shine.'' (taken from an eBay description)

'Bare Pink' is a very natural pink colour which I think would be perfect over any pink lipstick that you want to tone down a little (I do this a lot with some of my overly pink lipsticks).
Ive taken a quick swatch photo of it below. Excuse the crap quality, it was dark outside when I took the photo so I had to use the flash. I would have taken a photo of it on but I cut the side of my lip and I've got a scab and I really didnt want to take a photo of my gross scar, you'll have to put up with my arm for now!

The one thing I'm not a huge fan of is the packaging. I mean its decent enough but I do think it looks a little bit cheap (Im not sure of the actual price but I'll explain about that in a minute). On the back of mine the information is a little crooked and I'm dying to straighten it! Im a bit anal about things like that haha.

Other than the packaging I really dont see any other flaws with it at the moment and I'd definitely like to buy some more BUT I have  no clue where to buy them? Ive googled it and so on but the only place I could find them was eBay. Hence the reason why I've no clue how much they normally cost. (I was personally sent mine from a competition.) If anyone has seen them anywhere else or know where they are sold I'd really appreciate it if you could comment and let me know.

I have linked a seller here who sells them and other 'Ready To Wear' cosmetics if any of you are interested. The seller is selling them for $13.00 each I think so its about €10.

You can also get a set of 6 for $23.00 with free shipping from this seller which I think is a bargain! You get 3 lipglosses and 3 lipliners but theres only 1 left so ya snooze ya lose haha.


  1. Very pretty lipgloss! I agree with the packaging looking a little cheap but I suppose if the gloss itself is good it shouldn't matter. I think this is the brand you're talking about http://beauty.hsn.com/ready-to-wear_c-bs_a-4132_xc.aspx?o=!TNBS&cm_sp=TN-_-Beauty-_-ReadyToWear&prev=hp!sf&sf=BS&osf=BS

    but that's still an American website. Maybe they aren't available in the Uk :(


  2. Hi thank you for your comment :)
    Yeah I agree, its definitely worth looking past the packaging!
    Aw thank you for the link but yes I think you might be right I hadn't even heard about them until I got this! I really want to get some more though so I might look into ordering from the website you linked!


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