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Cosmecology Cosmo Facial* at Sam McCauleys Salon & Spa

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a facial on the Sam McCauleys Facebook page, although its valid until the end of August I decided to have it on Saturday on my day off work.
I was so excited for this facial, people think that when you're a therapist yourself, you probably have treatments constantly, it's actually the opposite! I haven't had a facial since college when we had to practise on each other! So I was looking forward to being pampered myself! And pampered I was!
 The facial I had is called the Cosmecology Cosmo Facial* which uses the Cosmecology Skincare range. The facial takes about 30 minutes but after factoring in the time it takes to get ready for the facial and to get ready to leave etc it takes about 40 minutes. Cosmecology is by the famous skincare brand Guinot and is specifically for younger skin. 

''From the laboratories of Guinot and designed specifically for younger skin, this treatment uses facial care products with scientifically proven results which remove impurities, leaving the complexion looking radiant and feeling hydrated.''

The word cosmecology comes from 2 words. Cosmetology for Beauty and Ecology for the Earth.

I arrived at the salon and as I was waiting in the reception, the therapist who would be doing my facial - Joanne - asked me to fill out a form as I hadn't been to the salon before.
Joanne was so nice and friendly. She looked lovely too, I like when therapists are well put together, you know you're in safe hands. I think when you're working in the beauty industry you do need to look like you take care of yourself. No one wants to go to a therapist who looks like they've rolled out of bed and put no effort into themselves.

After I'd finished filling out the form, She then brought me into the treatment room and left me for a few minutes to get ready. She didn't explain exactly what to take off but I think thats because she knew I was a therapist myself (on my consultation card I had written beauty therapist in the occupation section). 
After giving the room a quick scan to remember what it looked like for this post I got ready.
I took my top off and took my arms out of my bra straps so they weren't in the way and tucked them into my bra. If you've never had a facial or are not sure what to do, just ask the therapist before she leaves the room what you should take off. 

The treatment room was very modern, spacious and had a relaxing ambience. The lights were dimmed slightly and there was relaxing music playing. The bed was large and sturdy with an electric blanket underneath to lie on making it all warm and cosy. 

Joanne started off by asking how my skin was at the minute. If you're not sure about your skin type, make sure to let the therapist know, don't just guess! They'll know by having a quick look and feel of your skin. They will be more than happy to help you out and explain how to tell. I explained how my skin was very dry and she started the facial by giving my skin a cleanse. Immediately I noticed the scent of the product. It was very natural, no fake, sweet, perfumey or medical smell. YAY! By the end of the facial I noticed all the products were like this (which I should have guessed as the products are environmentally friendly). 
She then put some toner on a cotton pad and wiped it over my skin to remove excess cleanser left on my skin. She did this after each step (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, tone and so on). She then moved on to a gentle exfoliator. It wasn't overly grainy but still felt like my skin was getting a good scrubbing! 

Next she gave me a facial massage using what felt like a massage cream. Now, I wasn't expecting a massage at all as it was only a 30 minute facial so it was a pleasant surprise! She included my shoulders and neck in the massage and oh my good god it was soooooooo relaxing! The cream was lovely and thick and felt very luxurious. 

After the massage she applied an eye gel to my eyes and popped two pieces of damp cotton over them. She then applied a face mask to my skin. It felt like more of a gel consistency than a thick cream. She then covered my shoulders to keep me warm and whispered that she would be back soon. I'm not sure how long she was gone for, it felt like a long time but I know as a therapist it was more likely to be about 10 minutes.
When she came back she removed my mask, again gave my skin a tone and massaged some moisturiser into my skin. The moisturiser felt lovely and hydrating on my skin. It absorbed well and didn't leave me feeling like my skin was greasy. 

After applying the moisturiser she pressed a button on the bed to sit me up and gave me a cup of water. She asked how it was and told me to take my time getting up and dressed, which was nice as no one wants to feel rushed to leave. I sat for a couple of minutes sipping on my water before getting up and getting dressed. 

I left the salon feeling very pampered and relaxed with a thought in my head 'damn I need to have one of these monthly!'.
Overall it was a lovely, relaxing experience which would be worth every penny of the price. I'm definitely considering having a monthly facial. 

The cosmecology facial at Sam McCauleys costs €29 and you can read more about it or book an appointment by clicking here.

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