Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Haul Because I'm A Shop-a-holic ft Penneys & New Look

Yes, I know, I've been away A LOT lately. 
The main reason is I've felt so guilty for not posting which resulted in me not posting AT ALL and burying my head in the sand. ITS A VISCIOUS CIRCLE.
But, I've missed you guys. So, I've come up with a new blogging schedule to take a bit of the pressure off of me, and also to give you all a bit of regularity so you know exactly when to expect a post.

I've decided to post every Monday. I would choose Sunday but lets face it if I go out after work on a Saturday night, we all know I'll be dying of a hangover the  next day and the last thing I'll want to do is stare at a computer screen. Mondays work out well also as the place I work is not open on Mondays. 

Now, onto the fun stuff. I don't know about you but I love hauls. I think its the noseyness in me. I love seeing what other people have bought. I'll see something I like but would never have known about without them showing it so I can keep an eye out for it next time in that particular shop.

The first item I got was this neon yellow dress in New Look. This was €25. I was in the dressing room trying stuff on and my Mam actually brought this into me. I wasn't gone on it on the hanger. I'm not a fan of the texture but its lovely on. Its a very thick heavy material. I think the colour goes well with my hair and will look amazing with a tan! It was the detail on the back that sold me. Its got one of those twists at the back.

I picked up these 2 pairs of skinny jeans in Penneys. A khaki green pair and a burgundy/maroon pair. The khaki ones are just the normal coloured skinny jeans but the burgundy ones are the 'ultra soft super skinny' ones. I do find I have to go up a jean size in these as they are sooo tight I can barely get them over my ass. If you don't have a lot of junk in the trunk you might be ok. The bigger size are a little big in the waist but its nothing a belt can't fix. This is what I hate about  Penneys sizing. You ALWAYS have to try everything on as the sizing varies so much. I think the Khaki ones were €11/€13 and the burgundy ones were €15

Jesus this could do with a bit of an iron. I set out with the mindset of picking up a lot of basics, lots of white, black and grey vests, t shirts, string tops etc. But once I saw the absolute state of the shelves in the Penneys in Wexford I changed my mind. I could literally only find ONE white t shirt (about €2.50 or €3) Everything was thrown everywhere. You know how they have the round/square shelves with all the  vests on one, all the t shirts on another and all the slogan t shirts on another? Well a tornado had clearly ripped through the store, nothing was on the right shelf. I gave up after 15 minutes of searching for a fecking string vest. Next time I'll get all my basics in new look instead.

I'm addicted to jewellery. Even though I wouldn't usually spend €5 on a Penneys necklace I couldn't leave this in the shop! It will be perfect with a plain T and jeans!
I also thought these little packs of bracelets very handy and cute for €3 each.

Aren't these sooo cool?! I'm hopeless at nail art so these stick on nails are perfect. I've used Penneys nails before and they fell off after a few hours but that was because the glue you get is shite. I'd recommend buying a seperate good glue somewhere else to use with all fake nails.

 Im in love with these sandals! I think they're just the prettiest things ever! I picked them up in pink/coral and then spotted them in black and had to get them too! I've already worn the pink to the beach and they are really comfy! Fingers crossed we have the weather in Ireland  this summer to wear these!
These were €13 each!

So thats my little haul, I do want to go shopping again somewhere else as I felt the stock in Wexford was a little meeh. I'd actually read another bloggers Primark haul & took photos on my phone of the stuff she'd gotten that I wanted to get but I didn't see any of it in mine :(
Is there anything you've spotted in Penneys that I should keep an eye out for??
See you guys Monday :D



  1. glad your back to blogging missy, i've missed you :) hahah, love the necklace and bracelets though :D xx

    1. Thank you my dear, I've missed it myself!


  2. I love the yellow top and sandals.


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