Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hair Holy Grail - Mark Hill Perfect Blowdry Spray


This is my second time writing this post. The first time I finished it, opened another app on my iPad to double check the price and when I went back it was gone. Honestly the willpower it took to retype this was a struggle! I don't even remember how I started it the first time! 

I picked up the Mark Hill a Perfect Blowdry Spray on one of my boots 3 for 2 shopping sprees, I spotted the ombré packaging (how adorable is that can?!) and ran for it. I scimmed over the info on the back, spotted the words 'absorbs moisture' 'Blowdry' and 'faster!' And thought 'that's going straight in my basket!' Eh, eh? See what I did there?! Lame jokes aside this stuff is amazing!
It does exactly what it claims to - absorbs excess moisture making blow drying your hair faster, adds volume and gives a sleek salon worthy Blowdry.


I've actually had to buy another can because my mam keeps stealing mine! The woman is as picky about hair products so when she likes it and says it works well then it really is a keeper!
You spray it on damp towel dried hair and then Blowdry! I used to HATE washing my hair because of how long it took me to dry my hair, now it takes me half the time and I actually enjoy doing my hair!
Not only is it about a tenner (you can purchase it in your local boots or herebut the can is MASSSIIVVEE. Like huge! 

If anyone else has tried this let me know below so we can rant and rave together

about how amazing it is!
EF xo

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  1. Omg the blow dry spray is brilliant also that root lift spray by Mark hill is brilliant too I robbed a bit of that from ur room the other day 😂 I tell ya I left ur room like I was after stepping out of a salon 😂😂


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