Friday, 20 December 2013

PowderPocket Launch Box* - Ireland's First Beauty Subscription Box

Today I have an exciting post! I've always been a fan of beauty subscription boxes and have always been jealous of the UK girls as they have a few different beauty boxes to choose from. Although some ship to Ireland it ends up being a little too expensive for what it is. 
When I spotted a new beauty box was being launched in Ireland I tweeted about how I couldn't wait for them to launch so I could see what the box was like before subbing. Powderpocket actually messaged me then asking if they could send their launch box to me. I MEAN WHO WOULD SAY NO?!

If you're not familiar with beauty boxes I'll explain, if you already know you can skip to the next paragraph! 
Basically, once a month they send you a box full of beauty goodies! You get 5 deluxe (that just means slightly larger than normal samples) samples and a lot of the time most boxes with throw in 1 or 2 full size products instead of a sample. Thats the general jist of it!

Now what was in the powderpocket launch box*?
The rating I've included under each product is a rating of how happy I am to see this product in the box. It will vary depending on how excited I am to try the product. PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT A RATING OF THE PRODUCT AS I WON'T HAVE TRIED IT AT THAT TIME. Just a rating of how interested I am in it.

There is a little magazine included which contains info and tips about all the products in the box.

I love how pretty it comes all packaged! I almost felt bad opening it!

 The first product I grabbed was this Academie Face and Body Tinted Self Tanning Lotion. As a loyal fan of Cocoa Brown I highly doubt I'll be switching tans anytime soon but I'll give this a whack some night I'm not going anywhere just to see what its like!

Level of Interest Rating: 3/10

Not going to lie I gave a little squeal when I saw the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 brush! I've never tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics despite the fact they're an Irish brand, I've just never gotten round to trying them! I do have a sigma brush similar to this so it'll be interesting to see how they compare!
Level of Interest Rating: 10/10

Next up is the Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleasing Foam. Another brand I've never tried but I love trying different cleansers as I still haven't found 'the one'. I'm looking forward to giving this a go tonight!
Level of Interest Rating: 8/10

When I saw the Vichy Idealia Life Serum packs I felt a bit meeeh. Im not a fan of packet samples, they're messy and you can't reseal them. I do appreciate that there are 8 of them instead of 1 so you get a better chance to try them out! I do wish they were in a small squeezy tube or something instead. 
Level of Interest: 4/10 (only because they are in foil packets)

The last product is a Huge Boss 'Jour' perfume sample, I know some people don't like perfume samples but I don't mind them. I like having one in my bag for a quick spritz on the go! Although if I could choose between this and a makeup/skincare sample I'd choose the makeup/skincare one!
Level of Interest: 5/10

So thats everything for this months box! I'm impressed so far! 
PowderPocket is available for €12.00 (plus p&p), there are 3 different subscriptions available - monthly plan, 6 months or 12 months. I like that it gives you the option to try 1 box rather than buying a few of them in one go. It gives you the chance to try it and see how you feel!

Emma xo

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