Monday, 19 August 2013

Life Update - M.I.A, New Puppy, Surgery Rant & More

I know, I know. I've been gone forever. Well 2 weeks to be exact.
I've been feeling very uninspired and unmotivated lately.
BUT I just decided to force myself back into posting and decided to start with an update post as I've a few things to share..

 First off, I GOT A PUPPY :D
Yes I've finally convinced the parents to allow me to get another dog, It was a surprise birthday present from my Nanny. I wasn't expecting it as she'd already given me some money in a card and then called me out of the blue a few days later to ask if I wanted one of her dogs puppies!
I named her Bella and she's a Yorkshire Terrier. She's about 6 weeks old at the minute and I've had her about a week. She's crying quite a bit early in the morning and wakes everyone up. I think she may have worms, be constipated or her teeth are hurting her because she's not tired, hungry, thirsty or lonely when she's crying. She also drags her bum along the ground and finding it difficult to well.. poo. Thankfully she's old enough now and has had her first injections and worm dose, we've also given her liquid paraffin to help with the constipation so hopefully she should be right as rain soon!
 I'm also feeling a little pee'd off at the Irish healthcare system lately.
I've been on a waiting list for about 5 years to have my tonsils removed (I'd never be able to afford it to go private). In January I finally got an appointment to see a surgeon after my doctor had sent at least 4 letters over the years to say I needed my tonsils out urgently as they were huge and constantly getting infected (they take up half my throat). The surgeon basically looked inside my mouth and said 'yep you need those out' he talked me through the surgery and recovery and finally said it could be over six months before I'd have a surgery date.
Months passed and 2 weeks ago on a Thursday I received a letter in the post to say my surgery was the next Wednesday in Waterford Hospital and I was to be there at 8am. It also said I was to ring the bed manager on the day to have the bed ready. That was fine I talked to my boss and she very kindly gave me a week off work (I work in a salon and during Debs (similar to prom) season it gets crazy).
On Tuesday afternoon the bed manager called and said not to come at 8am anymore and instead call them at 8:15am as they may not have a bed.. This is where I started to get really irritated.
At 8:15 the next morning my Mam called the bed manager. She told us that they were short of beds and to stay at home and wait by the phone for them to call as children will always go first. My response was 'fuck the children they haven't been waiting 5 years' (obviously I didn't say this to her haha). Please note that I was fasting from 12 the previous night so basically they were expecting me to not eat or drink all day until they decided to call me which could have been f***ing 6pm.
At about 9.30am the bed manager called us back and told me my surgery was cancelled because of bed shortages. We called the surgeons secretary and asked when would my surgery be rescheduled for and was told 'Dr _____ will need to check him books, it could be September'. F*** OFF.
My problem with all this was why the f*** would they GIVE me an appointment for surgery, have me take time off work if they didn't know if they would have a bed. If you make an appointment for someone you keep a f***ing bed for them and don't tell them the morning of the surgery that its cancelled.
The funny thing is if I told them on the phone I'd decided to go private and pay I would have a bed in a few hours.
So there's my rant and update.
I will have a few new reviews, outfits posts and even a baking post up soon!
I'm glad to be back!
Emma x


  1. Glad you're back! So cool that you got a puppy, I have a labrador called Finley :) x

    1. Thanks Emma, Im glad to be back. Ooooh cute!


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